Sunday, April 03, 2005

Although we had miles of film of the leaf-cutting ants going about the business of defoliating the forest, carrying their leaves back to their nest, cleaning out the nest and creating huge garbage-heaps, we had to part company with them when they vanished underground. This irked Alastair.
'I want ... you know ... I think ... well, gardens,' he said with his head on one side, revolving slowly, looking a beaming, benevolent corpse on a gibbet. 'Mushroom-beds, you know ... underground?'
' The only way you'll get them, honey, is by digging the guys out,' said Paula practically.
He and Roger seized spades and started to dig. Having had some experience of leaf-cutting ants, I took Lee and Paula by the arm and led them away from the scene of operations.


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