Sunday, April 03, 2005

The Abrivado of Camargue

The next morning, with his mouth full of croissant, Jonathan said jubilantly and indistinctly: ' I've fixed up the bulls.'
'Good,' I said absentmindedly. 'What bulls?'
'Well, you know you said you couldn't show the Camargue without showing bulls, so, I've fixed up some bulls.'
'But they're not fighting at this time of the year,' I pointed out.
'I don't mean fighting,' said Jonathan. 'I mean we're going to round them up.'
'This use of the royal We,' I said cautiously, 'does this include Lee and me?'
'Of course you,' said Jonathan, with the air of one promising a treat to a child. 'You'll go off into the swamps, round up this great herd of bulls and drive them past the camera.'
'What do you mean, "drive them past the camera"?' I asked. 'These are bulls, not dairy cattle.'
'You'll be all right, you'll be on horseback,' said Jonathan.
'Oh, what fun,' said Lee eagerly.


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